PHILIPPINE BANKS PERSONAL LOANS – List of Loanable Amounts Per Bank Offer


List of Philippine Banks’ Personal Loans

PHILIPPINE BANKS PERSONAL LOANS – Here is a list of the banks in the Philippines that offer personal loans to the public and the loanable amounts.

Among the several types of loans offered by banks in the Philippines, one of the most sought-after offer is the personal loan. It is because it covers a wide range of purposes.

You may apply for a personal loan to fund a project, to buy a gadget, to pay for the utility bill, to fund an event celebration, to pay for the medical bill, to cover some travel expenses, etc.

Also, there are banks that offer personal loans for the purpose of funding a business expansion, a house construction, a home renovation, etc.

Several banks are included in the “Philippine Banks Personal Loans” list and each loan offer bears a unique feature. Sometimes, it is called as a “Salary Loan” in other banks.

Philippine Banks Personal Loans

Here is a list of the Philippine Banks’ Personal Loans offered to the public and the loanable amounts under each offer. Feel free to click on the link to see the features, interest rates, loanable amounts, and the payment terms under each offer.


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