AUB LOAN OFFERS – List Of Loans Offered By Asia United Bank


Guide on the Asia United Bank / AUB Loan Offers

AUB LOAN OFFERS – Here is a list of the Asia United Bank (AUB) loans that you may apply for.

The Asia United Bank or more commonly called as AUB is one of the banks in the Philippines that have a variety of offers to the public. It got deposit accounts which are excellent for money safekeeping.

Also, among the bank’s offers are the AUB Credit Cards. It can be the perfect preparation against unforeseen situations or even in achieving your personal goals.

The Asia United Bank also has different AUB loan offers. It got loans for specific purposes and it also has a loan offer with a flexible purpose.

AUB Loan Offers

Based on the official website of the Asia United Bank, the AUB loan offers include the salary loan, the home loan, the auto loan, and the commercial loan.

AUB Salary Loan

Undeniably, there are times when we struggle in making ends meet. You can turn to the AUB Salary Loan offer which serves a flexible purpose. Whether you are funding an event, purchasing a gadget, paying the bills, etc., you may apply for this loan offer.

AUB Home Loan

If you are into purchasing a house or other residential properties like a condominium unit or townhouse, you may apply for the AUB Home Loan. Under this loan, you can pay for the amount borrowed for up to twenty(20) years.

AUB Auto Loan

Aside from the Home Loan, also one of the AUB loan offers with a specific purpose is the Auto Loan. You may apply for it should you wish to acquire your own vehicle. The term payment is up to sixty(60) months.

AUB Commercial Loans

The Asia United Bank also has loan offers for commercial or business purposes. Here is a list of the loan offers for business and a short description of each in courtesy of AUB:

  • Short Term Loans – Credit line facility for working capital with a maximum tenor of one year.
  • Long Term Loans – Term loans for plant construction or expansion including purchase of other capital requirement. Tenor is usually 3 to 7 years.
  • Domestic Bills Purchase Line – Outright purchase of the client’s checks upon deposit of these checks in the client’s deposit account.
  • Foreign Bills Purchase Line – Outright purchase of the client’s dollar-denominated or third-currency denominated drafts upon deposit of these drafts in the client’s deposit account.
  • PDC Discounting Line – A credit facility wherein the clients receivables, in the form of post date checks, are discounted with a bank to obtain funds.

To apply for any of the AUB loan offers above, feel free to visit the official website of the bank –

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