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BANK OF COMMERCE LOANS – List of Bank of Commerce Loan Offers

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List of Bank of Commerce Loans & the Contact Details in Applying

BANK OF COMMERCE LOANS – Here is a guide on the loan offers of the Bank of Commerce.

Most banks in the Philippines now got several loan offers for the public. These can help most especially in the face of financial emergencies. You may also apply for loan to make big purchases.

Through home loan and auto loan offers, you can acquire your own house and car respectively even though you don’t have the cash to pay for it in full.

One of the banks that have these loan offers is the Bank of Commerce, a commercial bank which is affiliated to San Miguel Corporation, a giant company in PH.

Bank of Commerce Loans

With regards to the Bank of Commerce loans, it offers auto loan, home loan, salary loan, and small business loan. On its official website, the private bank has posted some details regarding the offers.


The Bank of Commerce Auto Loan is excellent for those who wanted to purchase a new car. The term of payment is from 12 months up to 60 months.


Based on the official website of the bank, the Home Loan offer is open for any of the following purposes. Its term of payment is from ten(10) to twenty(20) years.

  • Purchase of house and lot, townhouse, or condominium unit
  • Construction of house on a lot already owned by the borrower
  • Major repair, improvement or expansion of an existing house
  • Refinancing / take out of existing housing loan


You may apply for the Bank of Commerce Small Business Loan for asset acquisition, business expansion, or for additional business capital. The term of payment is between one(1) to five(5) years.

With regards to the Salary Loan offer, the bank has not posted further details but it has listed a contact number for inquiries. You may call +63 (2) 982-6446.

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