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BDO AUTO LOAN – What Are the Types of Cars This Offer Is Open For

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List of Types of Cars You May Apply For Purchase Under the BDO Auto Loan

BDO AUTO LOAN – Here is a list of the types of cars (brand new and pre-owned vehicles) that the auto loan offer of BDO Unibank is open for.

Nowadays, achieving your dream car or simply getting a vehicle to make things more convenient is easier to reach. It is because a lot of banks now like the BDO Unibank got auto loans offered to the public.

Most auto loans are open for both employed and self-employed individuals. In the case of the offer of BDO Unibank, the applicant must be:

  • at least 21 years old but not more than 70 years old
  • a Filipino citizen or a foreigner residing in the Philippines for at least two(2) years already
  • earning a minimum family income of Php 50,000.00 per month
  • having a stable source of income
    • Locally Employed – at least two(2) years with the current company
    • Self-Employed – at least two(2) consecutive profitable years of operation
    • Employed Abroad – two(2) to three(3) years of employment
BDO Auto Loan

With regards to the BDO Auto Loan, there are types of cars that are covered under the brand new car purchase and there are those under the pre-owned car purchase. Here is a list of them:

Types of Cars You May Apply for Under the BDO Auto Loan


  • Passenger Cars
  • Asian Utility Vehicles (AUVs)
  • Vans
  • Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)
  • Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs)


  • Passenger Cars
  • Asian Utility Vehicles (AUVs)
  • Vans
  • Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs)

Aside from the car purchase, the said BDO loan offer is also open for the reimbursement of the purchase of brand new units for personal and business use. Here are the qualifications:

  • vehicle must not exceed one(1) month old from the delivery date
  • vehicle must have a mileage of less than 2,500 kilometers

Do you want to apply for the auto loan offer? For a guide, you may visit – BDO Car Loan: How To Apply For Auto Loan To Banco de Oro.

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