BPI LOAN – Sample Computation of How Much You Must Pay Monthly


Sample Computation of How Much You Must Pay for the Monthly Amortization Under the BPI Loan (Personal)

BPI LOAN – Here is a sample computation of how much you must pay monthly under the personal loan offer of the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

Undeniably, one of the banks that has made a name in the Philippine banking industry is the Bank of the Philippine Islands. More commonly called as BPI, it has became a turn-to of many people for its excellent services.

BPI offers deposit and savings accounts to the public and as well as BPI credit cards. There are also several loans that you can choose from.

The private banking firm can assist you in purchasing a new or pre-owned car through its auto loan offer. It can also aid you in buying your dream house as it offers the housing loan.

BPI Loan

If you are into other purposes apart from purchasing a residential property or a vehicle, you may turn to BPI Personal Loan. It is a multi-purpose loan offer that is collateral free – meaning you can borrow money even without using a property as the collateral.

Do you want to know how much you can borrow under this loan offer offer? You may visit this page for the loanable amounts – BPI PERSONAL LOAN – Updated Minimum & Maximum Loanable Amounts Under It.

Based on the official website of the bank, under the personal loan offer, the maximum annual contractual rate (ACR) is 25.60%. You may pay for your loan for up to three(3) years or 36 months.

The bank has provided a sample computation of how much you will have to pay monthly under the said BPI loan offer. Here it is:

  • Borrowed Amount – Php 20,000.00
  • Term – 12 Months
  • Total Amount of Loan Including Interest – Php 22,884.00
  • Monthly Amortization – Php 1,907.00

Do you want to apply for the said loan offer? You may visit – BPI PERSONAL LOAN: How To Apply, Requirements In Applying.

Through its official website, you may also check how much you will have to pay based on a different loan amount. You may visit – https://www.bpipersonalloans.com/loancalculator.

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