BPI Housing Loan – How Many Days Before the Application Result Is Out

Guide on the Loan Application Approval Duration Under BPI Housing Loan

BPI HOUSING LOAN – Here is a guide on how many days will it take before the result of the application for the said Bank of the Philippine Islands loan offer is out.

Nowadays, acquiring a residential property even if you do not have a huge amount of cash is not anymore impossible. It is because there are entities, like the banks, that are willing to provide financial assistance in certain purposes.

One of the banks that offer home loans is the Bank of the Philippine Islands. More commonly called as BPI, the said private bank has opened its loan offer for any of the following purposes:

  • purchase of house and lot
  • purchase of vacant residential lot
  • purchase of condominium unit
  • home loan refinancing
  • house construction
  • home renovation
  • reimbursement of residential property purchase
BPI Housing Loan

Do you want to know who are eligible to apply for the BPI Housing Loan? To be eligible, the applicant must be:

  • a Filipino / a foreigner married to a Filipino citizen / a foreigner with issued resident or immigrant visa (for condo unit acquisition only)
  • employed or self-employed with stable source of income

You may be curious of how much you can borrow under this loan offer. You may visit – BPI HOME LOAN – Minimum & Maximum Loanable Amounts Under the BPI Home Loan.

Under the BPI Housing Loan, the borrowed amount can be repaid from one (1) to twenty (20) years. With regards to the loan application approval duration, it may take as fast as five (5) working days to get approved.

Are you interest to apply for the said offer? For a guide on the application process and the requirements, you may visit – BPI LOAN: How To Apply For Housing Loan Through BPI Online.

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