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DBP Credit Salary Loan – How Much Is the Monthly Due Under 750K Loan

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Guide on How Much Will Be Your Monthly Due If You’ll Borrow 750K Under DBP Credit Salary Loan

DBP CREDIT SALARY LOAN – Here is a guide on how much will be your monthly due if you will borrow Php 750,000.00 under the said Development Bank of the Philippines loan offer.

Nowadays, you can only buy a few things or food with your one (1) thousand pesos. That is why a lot of households are running out of budget even before the next payday arrives. A lot of bills are waiting to cut from the pie – electricity bills, water bills, and tuition fees among others.

Are you one of those who usually ran out of budget? You may be needing a huge amount to sustain your expenses while you are making a way to putting up something that can give you another income.

If you are a government worker, you may turn to the Development Bank of the Philippines for some financial assistance. It is more commonly called as the DBP.

DBP Credit Salary Loan

The said government bank has the DBP Credit Salary Loan offer that can lend you up to P1,000,000.00. Aside from the high loanable amount, another excellent feature of this loan is that it is a quick cash loan. You can have the money in as fast as five (5) working days.

It is a multi-purpose loan offer. You may use the money to pay for the household bills, to travel, to get your house repaired, to pay for the tuition fees of the kids, to host an event, etc.

Also, you have an option should you want a convenient way of paying for your loan. It can be done through salary deduction – which would save you from penalties over missing out a payment. Your employer only needs to have a tie-up agreement with the bank.

How much will be the monthly due if I will borrow Php 750,000.00 under the DBP Credit Salary Loan?

On the official website of DBP, the bank posted a list of the indicative rates of the monthly amortization if you will borrow Php 750,000.00 under its loan offer. The monthly due will depend on the loan term and here is the list:

  • 12-Month Loan Term – Php 66,636.25
  • 24-Month Loan Term – Php 35,305.25
  • 36-Month Loan Term – Php 24,911.08
  • 48-Month Loan Term – Php 20,872.75

Are you interested to apply for the said DBP loan offer? You may visit – DBP SALARY LOAN: How To Apply For Salary Loan To DBP.

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