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DBP Credit Salary Loan – How Much Is the Monthly Payment For 100K Loan

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Guide on the Monthly Payment for 100K Loan Under the DBP Credit Salary Loan

DBP CREDIT SALARY LOAN – Here is a guide on how much is the monthly payment if you will borrow Php 100,000.00 under the salary loan offer of the Development Bank of the Philippines.

Most banks in the Philippines are not only in the pursuit of providing a venue for the people where they can keep their money safely while it grows. They are also aspiring to provide help most especially in times of financial emergencies.

Banks extend some financial aid in the form of loans. One of those with loan offers is the Development Bank of the Philippines or more commonly known as DBP.

If you are a government employee or working in the public sector, you may apply for the DBP Credit Salary Loan. It features fast loan processing and convenient payment terms.

DBP Credit Salary Loan

Under the said DBP Loan offer, payments can be done through salary deductions. Thus, there is almost no chance that you will miss your monthly payment and be charged for some penalties.

How much you can borrow under this loan offer?

Just like in other loan offers, the loanable amount under the DBP Salary Loan is subject upon the approval of the bank. Meanwhile, with regards to the range, the minimum loanable amount is Php 10,000.00 and you can borrow as much as Php 1,000.00.

How about if you will borrow Php 100,000.00, how much will be your monthly payment under the DBP Credit Salary Loan?

The monthly amortization will depend on the loan amount and term of the loan. Here is a list of your possible monthly due if you will borrow Php 100,000.00:

  • 12-Month Term – Php 8,884.83
  • 24-Month Term – Php 4,707.37
  • 36-Month Term – Php 3,321.48
  • 48-Month Term – Php 2,783.03

Do you want to apply for this loan offer? For a guide on how to, you may visit – DBP SALARY LOAN: How To Apply For Salary Loan To DBP.

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