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HSBC LOANS – Full List of the HSBC Loan Offers You May Apply For

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Guide on the HSBC Loans Under the Personal and Business Categories

HSBC LOANS – Here is a full list of the loan offers of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation under the personal and business categories.

Undeniably, among the most sought-after offers of most banks in the Philippines are their loan offers. Many people are seeking for cash assistance for certain purposes. One of the banks that has these offers is the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation or HSBC.

HSBC has both personal and business loan offers aside from the different types of account, insurance products, investment products, and HSBC credit cards.

On its official website, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) has clearly separated its personal loan from the business loan offers.

HSBC Loans

Based on the official website of the bank, here is a full list of the HSBC loans that you may apply for to seek some cash assistance:


The HSBC Personal Loan is a flexible loan offer that features fast approval, personalised terms, and convenient payment channels. You may be approved in as fast as five(5) working days since your application.

With regards to the payment terms, you may pay for the loan for up to 36 months and the payment can be made with convenience as there are several nationwide payment channels.


For the HSBC Loans under the business category, there are two credit and lending solutions offered by the bank to the public:

  1. Revolving Loans – This offer aims to provide assistance on working capital or the daily expenses in the running of the business.
  2. Term Loans – You may apply for customized loans through the term loans. It can help support the growth of a business and provide long-term capital projects.

To apply for any of the said loan offers, you may visit the official website of the bank –

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