LANDBANK LOANS: List of Personal Loans Offered By Landbank

Guide on the Personal Landbank Loans Offered by the Major Government Bank

LANDBANK LOANS – Here is a list of the personal loan offers of the Land Bank of the Philippines.

In the Philippines, the major government bank where most of the employees of the public sectors have an account to is the Land Bank of the Philippines or more commonly known as Landbank. It offers deposit accounts including savings type of bank accounts.

Aside from it, the said government bank also offers Landbank credit card. It is a helpful tool most especially in the face of emergencies. A lot of people actually apply for a credit card as a preparation to urgent financial obligations or to fund certain matters.

With regards to the other offers of the government bank, it also offers different types of Landbank loans. It has loan offers to those who wanted to purchase a house and as well as for certain specific individuals.

Landbank Loans

Based on the official website of the Land Bank of the Philippines, among the Landbank loans are the Home Loan Programs and the loan offers for fishermen and farmers. Here is a guide on the said loan offers as provided by the government bank:

Landbank Home Loan Program

For those who wanted to acquire a house, you may choose either of the following offers under the Landbank Housing Opportunities Made Easy (HOME) Program:

  • Easy Home Loan which helps those who wanted to buy or construct their dream houses or take out an existing loan from a bank or financing firm
  • End Buyer’s Tie-Up Facility which is perfect for those who wanted to construct their house through an accredited developer of the bank
  • Bahay Para sa Bagong Bayani (3B) which is a special lending program for the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)

Loans to Farmers

Landbank also has several loan offers for the Filipino farmers. Each has a specific feature providing farmers a wide array of options.

  • Da Sikat Saka Program which offers a support from the Department of Agriculture (DA) and a direct credit window to the government bank
  • Agricultural Credit Support Project which offers funds for the increase of investments, creation of new job opportunities, and improvement of agricultural productivity
  • Agricultural and Fishers Financing Program which creates a way that small farmers can access credit to fund their economic activities

Loans to Fishers

Among the Landbank loans are the loan offers to support the fishermen such as the “Agricultural Credit Support Project” and the “Agricultural and Fishers Financing Program”.

The ACPC is perfect for fishermen who wanted to acquire assistance for the improvement of their agri-related projects while the AFFP aims to provides Filipino fisherfolks the access to formal credit.

For other concerns, you may reach out to Land Bank of the Philippines through its official website –

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