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LANDBANK SERVICE FEES: List of Landbank Charges Per Transaction

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List of Landbank Service Fees / Charges in Every Bank Transaction

LANDBANK SERVICE FEES – Here is a list of the charges implemented by the Land Bank of the Philippines per bank transaction.

One of the banks in the Philippines with the most number of clients is the Land Bank of the Philippines. More commonly called as Landbank, the said bank is the main government bank in the country. Thus, the employees of the public sector and agencies usually have accounts with the bank.

Landbank offers different types of deposit accounts to the public including savings account and payroll accounts. This government bank undeniably offers low service fees and charges on both regular and card transactions.

Landbank Service Fees

Based on the official website of Land Bank of the Philippines, here is a full list of the regular and card Landbank service fees and charges per transaction:

Regular Transactions

Over-the-Counter (OIC) Inter-branch Deposit/Withdrawal/Check Encashment (for inter-regional transactions only)

  • Php 10,000 and below – Php 50.00
  • Above Php 10,000.00 – Php 100.00

Passbook Replacement – Php 200.00

Account failing below minimum Average Daily Balance (ADB) – Php 200.00 per month

Stop Payment Order (SPO) per request – Php 100.00 per check

Returned Check

  • Penalty charge per returned check – Php 2,000.00 per check
  • Penalty charge for  Returned Checks and Other Cash Items (RCOCI) – Php 200.00 per day

Dormant Account

  • Savings Deposit Account – Php 30.00 per month
  • Demand Deposit Account – Php 30.00 per month

Easy Savings Plus (ESP) Account – Php 100.00 per withdrawal

Landbank Phone Access

  • Fund Transfer – Php 25.00 per transaction
  • Statement by fax – Php 30.00 (5-page maximum)

Electronic Money Transfer (EMT)

  • Php 20,000.00 & Below – Php 100.00
  • Above Php 20,000.00 – Php 100.00 + 1/8  of 1% in excess of Php 20,000.00
  • Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) – Php 1.50

Printing and Reprinting of Bank Statements – Php 20.00 per page

Bank Certification on Deposit Balances – Php 200.00

Bank Guarantee Against Deposit – Php 400.00

Card Transactions

The Landbank service fees in card transactions may differ depending on the type of card. Here is a list of the bank charges in courtesy of Land Bank of the Philippines:

Landbank Fees
Landbank Fees

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