MAYBANK CREDIT CARDS – List of Credit Card Offers of Maybank

List of Maybank Credit Cards You May Apply For

MAYBANK CREDIT CARDS – Here is a list of the credit card offers of Maybank that you can choose from in applying.

Maybank is one of the banks that have both loan and credit card offers. With regards to the former, one of its offers is the Maybank Personal Loan. You may apply for it if you are funding a celebration, making a big purchase, paying for the bills, etc.

With regards to its credit card offers, the private bank gives the applicants a wide range of options. It has the standard, gold, and platinum mastercards.

Maybank Credit Cards

Based on the official website of the bank, here is a list of the Maybank credit cards that you can choose from in applying:

Mastercard Credit Cards

1. Standard Mastercard – This card can be used not only in the Philippines but as well as abroad. It is accepted in over 275 countries across the globe.

2. Gold Mastercard – The gold mastercard is also widely-accepted across the globe. It comes with EMV-complaint chip cards for safer transactions.

3. Platinum Mastercard – Do you want to earn while you travel? The platinum mastercard is perfect for you. You will earn 1 Asia Mile or Krisflyer Mile per Php 50.00 spend.

Visa Credit Cards

1. Visa Classic – Accepted in over 20 million territories, it promotes secured transactions with its EMV-complaint chip cards and a one-time password for online transactions.

2. Visa Gold – According to Maybank, you may pay in peso on overseas transactions with the use of this card. It also has an EMV chip and as well as a one-time password for secured transactions online.

3. Visa Platinum – One of the Maybank credit cards with the lowest conversion fee, it is accepted in more than 20 million territories across the globe. You can earn while you spend through this card.

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