Maybank Auto Loan – How Much Cash You Must Prepare

Guide on How Much Cash You Must Prepare for Maybank Auto Loan Downpayment

MAYBANK AUTO LOAN DOWNPAYMENT – Here is a guide on how much cash you must prepare for the downpayment under the car loan offer of Maybank Philippines.

Maybank is one of the banks in the Philippines that have auto loans for both brand new and pre-owned car. Undeniably, there are people who prefer buying a second-hand car for its lower price. However, not all banks are open to fund the acquisition of a pre-owned car.

Driving your own car, whether it is brand new or pre-owned, may offer a lot of convenience. You can get to your target destination on time as you can leave early to escape the traffic. You can stop wherever you want to eat or simple let time pass.

Are you one of those who want to be driving your own car soon? Maybank may help you. You don’t have to prepare a very huge amount of cash. You just have to prepare a percentage of the selling price for the Maybank Auto Loan Downpayment.

Maybank Auto Loan

Based on the official website of the bank, the Maybank Auto Loan Downpayment in purchasing a brand new vehicle is different in buying a pre-owned one. Here are the equivalent of the amount of cash that you must prepare depending on the type of car you want to buy:

  • For Brand New Cars – 20% of the car selling price
  • For Pre-Owned Cars – 30% of the selling price of the car

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