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CREDIT CARDS METROBANK: List of Credit Cards Offered by Metrobank

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CREDIT CARDS METROBANK: List of Metrobank Credit Cards & Their Special Features

CREDIT CARDS METROBANK – Here is a full list of the credit cards offered by Metrobank and the special features of each.

Are you planning to apply for a credit card soon? You probably want to be one of those who enjoy the privileges and benefits of owning a mastercard. One of the banks that offer it is Metrobank.

When it comes to credit cards, Metrobank has a lot to offer. It has a wide variety of choices which differ on the main purpose they serve. With it, it is easy to find a card that suits your want and needs.

Credit Cards Metrobank

Based on the official website of Metrobank, here is a list of the credit cards they offer and as well as the special features of each of them:


  1. Metrobank Peso Platinum Mastercard – This card offers world-class privileges, exclusive 24/7 VIP Customer Service, Concierge Service, rewards, and privileges.
  2. Metrobank World Mastercard – This credit card “nearly sets no borders” when it comes to credit limit.
  3. Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa – This card is a complete travel card that makes you earn from your travel spendings like hotel accommodations. It also comes with a travel insurance.
  4. Metrobank Femme Signature Visa – This credit card offers a rewarding experience for women. It can be used in paying hospital bills, salon services, hotel accommodations, etc.
  5. Metrobank on Internet Mastercard – This card intended for internet transactions and can also be utilized in doing online shopping.
  6. Metrobank Dollar Mastercard – This credit card serves transactions involving US Dollar.
  7. Metrobank Femme Visa – This is another excellent card for women. It offers a lot of wellness and shopping privileges.
  8. Metrobank Classic Card – Also one of the Metrobank credit cards is the Metrobank Classic Card which entitles the holder to all the perks and privileges of the metro.
  9. Metrobank M Free Mastercard – The special feature of this card is that the holder do not need to pay the annual fees while enjoying the privileges of the metro.
  10. Metrobank M Lite Mastercard – This card is excellent for spenders who wanted to financial management.
  11. Metrobank Gold Card – This credit card entitles you and your loved ones to all the shopping, recreational, and dining privileges.
  12. Toyota Mastercard – According to Metrobank, it is the “first complete motorist card” in the Philippines. It offers dealership benefits and as well rebates from its partner stores.
  13. Robinsons Mastercard – This card entitles shoppers to shopping points, rewards, discounts, and rebates.
  14. Metrobank Femme-Icanserve Visa – Through this card, you can donate to ICanServe Foundation Inc.
  15. PSBank Credit Mastercard – This is another credit card where you don’t need to pay for the annual fees.
  16. The Bistro Group Visa – With this credit card, there are endless possibilities and as well as perks.
  17. Yazz Reloadable Prepaid Visa Card – This is one of the Metrobank credit cards that serve a general purpose. It can be used in shopping to a lot of stores and malls nationwide.

Do you want to apply for a credit card to Metrobank? You may visit this link for a guide – Metrobank Mastercard: How To Apply For Credit Card To Metrobank.


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