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LIST: Metrobank Loan Interest Rates Implemented Under 2 Loans Offered

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Guide on the Metrobank Loan Interest Rates Implemented on Home & Car Loans

METROBANK LOAN INTEREST RATES – Here is a list of the interest rates implemented under the two(2) Metrobank loans offered to the public.

Most banks now offer not only a single loan to the public but several kinds of loans. One of these banks is the Metrobank run by the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company.

With regards to the Metrobank loans, there are home loan and car loan offers. The former is open for any of the following purposes:

  • Purchase of a residential property
  • Loan transfer
  • Construction or Renovation of House
  • Using a Residential Property as a Collateral

If you are into a vehicle acquisition but does not yet have the money to pay for it in full, you may apply for the Metrobank Car Loan. You may pay for it for up to sixty(60) months.

Metrobank Loans Interest Rates

One of the best moves you can take before pursuing a loan application is to check on the interest rates. It is a vital part in assessing your readiness and as well as your capacity for a loan.

On its official website, the bank has posted the Metrobank Loan interest rates implemented under the two(2) loans, the car and home loans, offered by the bank.

Here is a list of the Metrobank Loan interest rates implemented under the two(2) loans:

Home Loan

  • 1-Year Fixing Period – 7.00% Booking Rate
  • 2-Year Fixing Period – 7.25% Booking Rate
  • 3-Year Fixing Period – 7.50% Booking Rate
  • 4-Year Fixing Period – 8.00% Booking Rate
  • 5-Year Fixing Period – 8.50% Booking Rate

Car Loan

12 Months

  • Standard Rate – 4.7700%
  • with One Month Advance – 4.1000%

18 Months

  • Standard Rate – 6.9900%
  • with One Month Advance – 6.2800%

24 Months

  • Standard Rate – 10.7400%
  • with One Month Advance – 9.9200%

36 Months

  • Standard Rate – 18.6700%
  • with One Month Advance – 17.7400%

48 Months

  • Standard Rate – 24.6800%
  • with One Month Advance – 23.6800%

60 Months

  • Standard Rate – 31.1800%
  • with One Month Advance – 30.1000%

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