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PNB HOME LOANS – How Much You Can Borrow Based on Type of Property

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Guide on How Much You Can Borrow Based on Property Type Under PNB Home Loans (PNB Savings Bank)

PNB HOME LOANS – Here is a guide on how much you can borrow based on the type of property under the home loan offers of PNB Savings Bank.

One of the best investments you can consider is buying a house or a residential property you can call your own. The benefits that you can clearly see is that the comfort and convenience of living in a place you can call your own are assuring but aside from that, there is another practical side.

A house and lot is a property whose value never depreciates. As years pass by, the value of your house and lot will only go higher and higher. Instead of paying for the rent, why not pay for the property that will be yours at the end of the term?

If you still don’t have a huge amount to buy a residential property, you may consider loans just like the offer of the PNB Savings Bank. The said PNB Home Loans are open for several purposes.

PNB Home Loans

Based on the official website of the bank, under the said offers, you may be assisted in purchasing a house and lot, a condominium unit, or a townhouse. It is also open to fund a house construction or a home renovation and as well as a loan take-out. The bank may assist you whether the property is within Metro Manila or in the provincial areas.

Who are eligible to apply for the said PNB Savings Bank loan offers?

There is only a short list of eligibility qualifications under these offers. To be eligible, the applicant must be:

  • a Filipino citizen or a naturally-born Filipino
  • not younger than 21 years old but not older than 65 years old upon the loan maturity
  • employed or self-employed

Do you want to know how much you can borrow under the PNB Home Loans based on the type of property?

For the purchase of House and Lot, Townhouse, Condominium, here are the minimum loanable amounts:

  • Within Metro Manila – Php 750,000.00
  • Outside Metro Manila – Php 500,000.00

For the purchase of a vacant residential lot, here are the minimum loanable amounts:

  • Within Metro Manila – Php 500,000.00
  • Outside Metro Manila – Php 200,000.00

Are you interested on the said offer? You may visit – https://www.pnbsavings.com.ph/pnb-smart-home-loan.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to this matter. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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