RCBC Home Loan Requirements: What You Need To Prepare In Applying


List of RCBC Home Loan Requirements

RCBC HOME LOAN REQUIREMENTS – Here is a list of the requirements or documents that you need to prepare in applying for the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) Housing Loan.

Aside from the RCBC Personal Loan, another type of loan that the bank offers is the housing loan. It is best most especially for those who are just starting a family and wants a new home.

Based on the official website of the bank, you may apply for the housing loan offer for any of the following purposes:

  • Buy a lot, house & lot, condominium unit, or townhouse
  • Take out of existing home loan
  • Construct your house
  • Renovate your home
  • Reimburse/Refinance house expenses

According to RCBC, with regards to applying for the loan for the purpose of purchasing a condominium, it must be at least 25 square meters and a minimum of 50 sqm for land improvement.

RCBC Home Loan Requirements

In applying for the RCBC Housing Loan, there is a list of the eligibility qualifications and the RCBC home loan requirements that are being considered:

Eligibility Standards:

  • At least 21 years old upon loan application
  • At most 65 years old if employed or 70 years old if self-employed upon loan maturity
  • Filipino citizen or former Filipino citizen under BP 185 guidelines
  • Foreign nationals holding immigrant visa or married to a Filipino are eligible if purchasing a unit covered by CCT.
  • Permanently employed for at least 1 year; 2 consecutive years for OFWs
  • If self-employed, business must be in profitable operations for the last 2 years

The RCBC Home Loan Requirements depends on the employment status of the applicant. There is are different sets of documents needed to be passed for employed and self-employed applicants.

RCBC Home Loan Requirements for Employed Applicants:

  • Accomplished Application Form
  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation
  • Valid Government IDs
  • TIN
  • Photocopies: TCT, Tax Declaration, Tax Receipt, Tax Clearance
  • Location plan/vicinity map of property
  • Building plans/bill of materials (for construction)
  • Statement of account (for takeout of existing housing loan)
  • Marriage Contract or Birth Certificate

RCBC Home Loan Requirements for Self-Employed Applicants:

  • Accomplished Application Form
  • Copy of last 2 years ITR
  • Latest 2 years Financial Statements
  • Business registration/permits
  • List of suppliers and customers
  • Company profile, property documents
  • Location plan/vicinity map of property
  • Marriage Contract or Birth Certificate

For applicants who passed the qualification standards, simply prepare the requirements and bring them with you to the RCBC branch nearest to your target property.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to your application for a housing loan to RCBC. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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