RCBC PERSONAL & BUSINESS LOANS – Full List of Personal & Business Loan Offers


Guide on the RCBC Personal & Business Loans (Full List)

RCBC PERSONAL & BUSINESS LOANS – Here is a full list of the personal and business loan offers of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC).

The Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation or more commonly called as RCBC is one of the banks in the Philippines that offer loans to the public. It has both personal and business loan offers that serve different purposes.

RCBC Personal & Business Loans

With regards to the RCBC loans under the personal field, there are the personal loan, the home loan, and the auto loan offers. Here are some specific details regarding the said loan offers:

RCBC Personal & Business Loans

RCBC Personal Loan

The personal loan is a multipurpose loan that serves a variety of purposes compared to other loan offers of the bank. It is open for both employed and self-employed applicants provided that the borrower pass the eligibility standards set.

To apply for the personal loan and check on its eligibility and documentary requirements, you may visit – RCBC Personal Loan: How To Apply, Requirements To Prepare.

RCBC Home Loan

For applicants whose purpose in applying for a loan has something to do with a residential property, you may apply for the RCBC Home Loan. It is open for the purchase of a residential property, house construction, house renovation, taking out of a house loan, and reimbursement.

To apply for the personal loan and check on its eligibility and documentary requirements, you may visit – RCBC HOUSING LOAN: Procedure On How To Apply & Requirements.

RCBC Auto Loan

For a vehicle acquisition, what the RCBC has to offer is the Auto Loan. It aims to provide cash assistance for individuals who wanted to purchase a brand new or second-hand vehicle.

For the requirements in applying for this loan offer, you may visit – RCBC Auto Loan Requirements You Must Prepare In Applying (List).


Based on the official website of the bank, here is a list of the business loan offers under the RCBC Personal & Business Loans:

Rizal Biz Access Line – It aims to provide an additional working capital through a “short-term revolving credit line”.

Revolving Credit Line – It aims to provide the “general working capital requirements” of a business.

Standby Letters of Credit – It aims to provide guaranteed payments for the credit suppliers of distributors and retailers on the goods they have ordered.

Import and Domestic Letters of Credit – Under this offer, the seller would receive a guaranteed payment as soon as the buyer has complied with the set terms.

Trust Receipt Financing – According to the bank, this business loan offer aims to provide enough time for clients to process and sell their products at “attractive terms”.

Expert Advance and Foreign Bills Purchase Facility – This loan offer aims to provide an amount to cover the exports.

Pre-Delivery and Post-Delivery Financing – Under this loan offer, the business will be financially assisted while collections from customers has not yet arrived.

Medium and Long Term Loans – This loan offer is excellent for widening or growing a business through expansion, upgrades, or the purchase of new equipment.

To apply for any of the RCBC Personal & Business Loans stated above, feel free to visit the official website of the bank – https://www.rcbc.com.

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