RCBC Personal Salary Loan – Is Collateral / Guarantor Needed In Applying?

Guide Whether Collateral / Guarantor Is Required in Applying for RCBC Personal Salary Loan or Not

RCBC PERSONAL SALARY LOAN – Here is a guide on whether a collateral or a guarantor is needed in applying for the said offer Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation or not.

Nowadays, running out of cash is not anymore an uncommon scenario. In fact, a lot of people usually fall short their monthly budget most especially the average earners. Meanwhile, these people find assistance through different offers.

Several lending companies and banks provide financial assistance which can be repaid through a monthly payment. These are in the form of loans. One of the banks with the said offers is Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation or more commonly know as RCBC.

Do you want to borrow money? You may apply for RCBC Personal Salary Loan. There are only minimal eligibility and documentary requirements under this offer.

RCBC Personal Salary Loan

The same thing with other bank loans, the RCBC has also set eligibility qualifications in applying for its offer. To be eligible, the applicant must be:

  • a Filipino citizen
  • aging between 21 to 65 years old
  • employed (at least two years) or self-employed (running a business for at least three years already)

Is a collateral or a guarantor needed in applying for RCBC Personal Salary Loan? Based on an article on eCompare Mo, there is no need for a collateral or guarantor in applying for this offer.

Do you want to know how much you can borrow this RCBC offer and how to apply for it? You may visit these pages below:

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