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Security Bank Salary Loan – How Much Is the Required Monthly Income

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Guide on How Much is the Required Monthly Income in Applying for Security Bank Salary Loan

SECURITY BANK SALARY LOAN – Here is a guide on how much is the required monthly income in applying for the salary loan offer of Security Bank.

One of the banks that offer accreditation for companies is Security Bank Philippines. Once the company is accredited to the bank, its employees may be entitled to the corporate or business loan offers of the bank. They will have a lot of options.

The bank has salary, housing, and car loan offers for employees of accredited companies. It also offers cash advance to help employees make ends meet, cope up with emergencies, or make a goal come true. The offers may bear different eligibility qualifications.

In this article, we will check on the eligibility qualifications under the Security Bank Security Loan. It may include the monthly income requirement set by the bank.

Security Bank Salary Loan

Based on the official website of the bank, the eligibility requirements set under the Security Bank Salary Loan offer has something to do with the nationality, age, employment status, and income of the borrower. The applicant must be:

  • a Filipino or a foreigner who has a visa which the validity covers the loan term
  • at least 21 years old but not more than 65 years upon the loan maturity
  • a regular or permanent employee
  • having an office landline or mobile phone number
  • earning at least Php 9,000.00 monthly excluding the bonuses and overtime for Metro Manila company employees
  • earning at least Php 8,000.00 monthly excluding the bonuses and overtime for non-Metro Manila company employees

Do you want to know the requirements in applying for the said loan offer? Here is a list of the documents that you must prepare:

Standard Requirements:

  • Photocopy of company ID (front and back) with 3 specimen signature
  • Photocopy of 1 Government issued ID
  • Photocopy of latest BIR Form 2316 indicating the correct TIN# of the employee and with complete signature on item #s 56-59 or Most recent 1-month payslip or COE
  • Photocopy of 1 month latest payslip OR filled-up COE portion in the application form
  • Other documents that may be further required by Credit

Individual Application Requirements:

  • Completely filled-out and signed Application Form (Borrower and Authorized Signatory of the Accredited Corporate Employer should sign-off on the AF)
  • Duly signed 4 copies of Promissory Note (to sign only at the back portion Borrowers: Signature above printed name); and
  • 4 copies of Disclosure Statement (to sign only on Signature of Borrower over Printed Name)

Do you want to know how much you can borrow under the said Security Bank offer? You may visit – Security Bank Employee Loan – How Much You Can Borrow Under this Offer.

The process in applying for this loan offer is simple. Here is a guide – SECURITY BANK SALARY LOAN – How To Apply & the Requirements Needed.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to this matter. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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