UCPB Salary Loan – How Much Is the Monthly Due Under 70K Loan

Guide on How Much Will Be the Monthly Due If You Will Borrow 70K Under UCPB Salary Loan

UCPB SALARY LOAN – Here is a guide on how much will be the monthly due if you will borrow Php 70,000.00 under the salary loan offer of the United Coconut Planters Bank.

Are you falling short of your budget now and needs some cash assistance? There are several banks and lending companies that you may turn to. They got excellent offers that can help you in your financial needs.

One of these banks is the United Coconut Planters Bank. More commonly called as UCPB, it offers different types of loans including the home loan for a residential property purchase and an auto loan for a vehicle purchase.

If you need some cash for other purposes or to make ends meet, you may apply for the UCPB Salary Loan. It is open for bill payment, travelling, funding an event, purchase of a product, etc.

UCPB Salary Loan

Who are eligible to apply for this loan offer?

UCPB has set a few eligibility qualifications in applying for its loan offer. To be eligible, the applicant must be:

  • a Filipino citizen
  • a permanent resident in the Philippines
  • at least 23 years old but not older than 65 years old for the employed applicants and 70 years old for the self-employed applicants upon the loan maturity
  • a holder of a credit
  • a holder of a checking account
  • permanently employed with supervisory rank or self-employed with profitable business

With regards to the loanable amounts under the said loan offer, the least amount that you may borrow is Php 50,000.00. The maximum loanable amount is Php 300,000.00. The amount that you can borrow is subject to the approval of the bank.

If you want to borrow Php 70,000.00 under the UCPB Salary Loan offer, the monthly due will depend on the chosen loan term. Here is the list of the possible monthly amortizations based on the loan term:

  • 12-Month Loan – Php 6,974.00
  • 18-Month Loan – Php 5,002.00
  • 24-Month Loan – Php 4,100.00
  • 36-Month Loan – Php 3,128.00

Are you interest to apply for the said UCPB loan offer? For a guide in applying for it, you may visit – UCPB PERSONAL LOAN: How To Apply For UCPB Personal Loan & Requirements Needed.

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