AlDub’s Fan Reaction Regarding To The Wedding Of Clark And Leah


After the grandiose wedding and the hit up the last episode of OTWOL, there comes an AlDub fan reacting to the last event of the primetime teleserye that brings us always this “kilig” moment every night which lasted on February.

Here on this video, he says that he will gonna make a reaction video. In addition to this, he says that this is his first time to make this reaction video concerning about Leah and Clark wedding.

“Format nya para talaga syang ano nuh… wedding video talaga.”, he said while watching the starting point of the video. Then there goes an additional funny thought pops out from his mind.

See video below.

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After he watched the wedding video of Clark and Leah, he felt so much romantic excitement about it and because of that, all he can say is nothing. In fact, the video was done nicely and every part was all captured that seems to be a realistic wedding for him.

He can’t wait to see the JaDine love team to be married in real life, so he was hoping for that to happened.

So what can you say to the reaction of the AlDub fan regarding the wedding? Share us your thoughts by simply leaving on the comment section below. For more updates, feel free to visit our site often. Thanks for dropping by and reading this blog post.


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