Dating Tips: How To Prevent Breakups With Your Boyfriend


Breaking up with your boyfriend is hard to deal with the wounds that forms in your heart cannot be easily healed. When the relationship ends with your boyfriend, there goes next the feeling of sadness and tearful emotion.

Breakups are not easy as it can affect you so much mentally and emotionally. Most girls who experienced breakups are those who are afraid mostly to take another chance of having a perfect love life. Actually, there’s a tip for you from WikiHow how to prevent your boyfriend from losing you. Thus, not all of these really works out in reality but somehow will help you in general. Still the situation of your relationship with him depends on how you handle your emotion.

1st Step: Never Get jealous.

11Jealousy is normal for you to feel because it is one way to show how you loved him and you only want to be loved by your man. You can’t aware that there will be some girls or his girl friends will get interest from him but one thing you should do is to trust him nevertheless if he gives you a reason not to.

2nd Step: Do Not Whine Him

22Guys dislikes a girl who always complain. They found it uninteresting and annoying at the same time.

3rd Step: Prevent From Talking About Your Ex

33Same goes for you, you wouldn’t exactly want to hear talking about your Ex So if must you should avoid mentioning it.

4th Step: No To Obsessive Calling

44Twice a day of calls is enough too much is not good except if he wants you to call him always. When a man calls you always, then he definitely wants to talk with you. Stop thinking about things that would make you lose him like if he’s not answering it and you just thought that he doesn’t you. Maybe he’s just busy at the moment.

5th Step: Don’t Say The Word ‘I Love You’

55If you are not sure enough about your feelings, don’t ever dare to say the word ‘I love you’ if both of you are just in a few days of a relationship.

6th Step: Don’t Take The First Step On Planning Your Future

66Guys don’t like it when girls started to plan their future first. They get freaked out by it. Unless if both of you are positive in the flow of your relationship you can definitely build your future together.

7th Step: Hang Out With Other People

77Have time with your friends also because not all of his time will be spent for you.

8th Step: Don’t Force Him To Change

88If you don’t like him for who he is, then stop it. You have to accept him no matter what.

9th Step: Be Friendly

99Being friendly to his friends is one way that he can gain an approval for you which will make him like you more.

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