KC Conception Is Now Dating The Azkals Player Aly Borromeo


After the rumors between KC Conception and the Azkals Team Captain Aly Borromeo about the information spreading from the Instagram which was stated by the basher of the Kapamilya star that these two has a something going on to each other.

While the followers of the actress defended her that there is nothing wrong if KC Conception is dating someone or if that somebody will be her boyfriend. The one basher of the actress stated that ‘Bingot’ is not deserving for the actress. The other fans are to the rescue defending the Azkals player that he is also worthy for the actress because he is a decent man.

According to the balita.net, the wrangle between the fans of KC Conception was finally ceased because it was already announced by the Kapamilya actress that she’s dating the Azkals team player.

Way back in the time where there is no any news about the love life status of the actress, her fans was in a debate of whom showbiz actor is suited for her to be her boyfriend. It’s either Piolo Pascual or Paulo Avelino. While the other fans of the actress are looking for the best suitor to be her boyfriend. It looks like the fans of the actress is worried about her love life.

Now that KC Conception had completely declared about the status between them, the fans of the actress will stop on pairing her on the other showbiz actors. The fans are also voted to Aly. They even went to his Instagram account wishing that the two will be in an official relationship and hoping that they will have a forever relationship.

Some of the other fans of an actress are restraining her other co-fans about putting pressures to the Azkals player.

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