Biblical and Modern Dating On Board


Time has changed even dating – from biblical to modern.

Over the years, so many things tend to changed – these includes dating. Going out on dates nowadays is different from what it is believed should be. Biblical and modern dating are already on board apart.

Scott Croft sited several fundamental differences between biblical and modern dating. The differences flow from the outside to the inside.

According to him, dating in the present times include intimacy even before the bond of marriage. It even upholds going around or exploring to really figure out the personality compatible yours.

Modern dating is egalitarian for the Croft – men and women tend to be almost the same in terms of their God-given roles.

Time is another issue. In modern dating, spending time together, away from the public, is a must. He sees it to be the key to know a person even more – the personality, the likes and dislikes, and even the most undesirable trait.

Croft stressed that for the modern young who goes out on dates, a close-to-perfect relationship will give you everything you need and want and an imperfect one will not – somehow taking it the selfish way.

Family acceptance is no longer an issue in this type of dating. Dating a person relies solely to the one who dates – it doesn’t matter whether his family or his church is going against it. There is an “us against the world” drama.

On the other side, Croft justified biblical dating to be solely faithful to one partner. Emotional and physical intimacy are enjoyed with the same person.

Biblical Dating

Biblical dating is complementarian – believes that each gender is given specific spiritual roles to portray. Commitment is also seen before intimacy. It neglects the presence of intimacy before marriage and without the blessing of the sacred bond.

Recognizing the differences in terms of beliefs, the person chooses whom to date in the biblical context. That should be someone he/she has the same belief with and is accepted by his family and church.


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