Coincidence Or Destiny? Babies Born On The Same Day At The Same Hospital Became Couple


A couple found out that when they were babies they were the only ones who were born on the same day at the same hospital, coincidence or destiny?

April 28, 1990, this is the day when two people might have found their destiny together in a hospital or perhaps it was just coincidence.

When couple Aaron and Jessica Bairos got married, love was not the only factor that binds them together, there is something else and it could be considered as the work of fate.


Even the fact that they have the same birthday is not just the thing that connected them even before they were actually introduced to each other.

Jessica said that she and her husband met through their common friends but technically they have met even before that.

It was during the day when they wereborn at the same hospital in Massachusetts on the same day just two hours apart, based on the article published in Philippines Trends.

When the couple brought up the matter to their parents, the mother Aaron even said that she remembered greeting the mother of Jessica while they were in Morton hospital during that memorable day.

To further prove that they were really born on the same day at the same hospital, the grandmother of Jessica even kept a clipping which shows a record that it was just Jessica and Aaron who were born that day.

Apparently, their love story did not just started when they got introduced by their common friends but way before they have first opened their eyes to the world they had already a connection.

The story of the Bairos couple is an example of an extraordinary coincidence, based on the article.

When asked if they believe it is destiny or just mere timing, Jessica said with conviction that she really believes it was fate while Aaron stated that he thinks it is both.

(photos: CBS)


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