Caught In Camera: JaDine Spotted Kissing On Their Room


The Sneaky Paparazzi Caught JaDine Kissing In Their Room

One shot of the camera controversy of JaDine immediately dispersed around social media.

Photo scandal of Nadine Lustre and James Reid has been spreading on social media where the two was caught kissing on the corner without noticing that there was a paparazzi sneaking out on them in their room.

The anti-JaDin was expected to comment back concerning to this issue and as for the prediction, they actually criticize them. According to them, the JaDine acts are obscene and they don’t even think about the possibilities that can destroy their images if they were caught doing such thing. There’re more negative feedbacks that were given to them by the anti-JaDine.

There was once commented about Nadine Lustre that she’s no different to other actresses who has been caught doing it in public.

And as a defense to their unnecessary acts, they don’t specifically make out on a public. Actually, the two was in their room at the very moment while both of them are sharing their sweet moments except for the paparazzi who’s trying to sneak.

On the other side, the JaDine supporters keep themselves from silence. Even to comment back to the issue, they don’t give a dare to do. It seems that their supporters likely want more of this because it simply means that two was showing that they really have a relationship. Others keep on doubting that their relationship is only for fun thing.

“Kaya nga umamin para they can be public at walang ‘tinatago. Ang pangit, eh, ‘yung hindi ‘sila’ pero may ganyang ganap,” said by the loyal JaDine supporter while defending the idol.

And as a lesson for this prevailing issue, the handlers or road managers of Nadine Lustre and James Reid should give an extra observance so that no paparazzi can pass through unless if they themselves done this intentionally to them.

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