Dinner Night Of Luis Manzano And Alex Gonzaga


Luis Manzano Had A Dinner Night Together With Tony Gonzaga’s Sister Alex

From news.abs-cbn, it was on Tuesday night when the actor Luise Manzano had posted his picture on his Instagram account together with Alex Gonzaga where the two was having an enjoyable dinner night.

It seems that everything got settled between Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga after the scratch incident that happened before to them.


In his photo, there was a caption stating “Sa lahat ng tao na pwede kong makasama for dinner, eto pa… Haaaaay ang bigat.”

Over the time, Alex Gonzaga had posted also her photo on her Instagram account concerning almost to seafood like, shrimps and squids. She also tagged Luis Manzano and their other colleagues on their dinner night including Fifth Solomon who also posted his photo dinner on Instagram.


And concerning to the previews reports, according to the actor, he has no any plans on seeking Alex Gonzaga as his partner.

He also added that courting Alex Gonzaga would be a “very, very awkward,” especially he was once courted her sister Toni Gonzaga. But the actor promised to protect Alex Gonzaga which he already considered as his younger sister.

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