SPOTTED: Male Grabs Female’s Hand, Draws Speculations From Netizens


Who is this male who was spotted grabbing the hand of a female inside an airplane?

There is a photo circulating on social media just recently showing a male spotted grabbing the hand of a female in an airplane.

This brought various speculations from netizens since the identities of the persons involved in the said photo are not yet revealed.

A netizen who is also a reader of Fashion Pulis took the photo and it was posted on the said site.

Spotted male grabs female's hand
(Photo source: Fashion Pulis)

Due to this, many netizens are asking who are the spotted male and female in the photo while there are those who already took a guess.

One netizen noticed that the hands belong to matured people and this received reply from another netizen with a guess that the male is a person whose name starts with letter “R”.

Another netizen agreed on this by saying it was “R” and “A”.  However, one netizen disagreed and said, “Glass frame is not the same plus almost always he wears a leather bracelet together with his watch.”

(Photo source: Pinterest)

There is one netizen that guessed it was “P” and “B” because they have been seen being sweet to each other before. This is agreed by one netizen and said that they look good together.

Another guess came from a netizen who said that it was “J” and “G” while one netizen said, “M and J from KaH. Mukhang kayang ipaglaban ni M si J sa fans.”

A netizen did not use the initial letter of a name as a guess instead the comment suggested that it was the “Businessman and the Controversial Actress”.

Here are some guess from netizens if who are the persons in the controversial photo.

J&B siguro

R & V

A and C???

Uhmm.. Boy – A Girl – G. I think they’re middle-aged.

Dahil sa specs, si A and C yan. They’re both wearing glasses on their recent trip.

(Source: FP)


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