Many Are In Favor To The Love Team Of Jennylyn And Alden


Fans Are Favor To The Love Team Of Jennylyn Mercado And Alden Richards

According to the, it was a shocking and a positive comment they had received from the article they had written about the love team of Jennylyn Mercado and Alden Richards. Regarding the news, Jennylyn Mercado will be the leading lady of Alden Richards to the Pinoy version of the Korean novela, My Love From The Stars that will be watch in GMA-7. thought that many will react about this because Jennylyn is not their type as Alden Richards love team partner and only Main Mendoza will be his love team partner but it turns out to be a different conclusion.

There are some re-tweets the article saying, “Go, go Jen and Alden.” And they even gave their thumbs up for it.

While others saying, “I’m sure may magrereklamo na naman nito.”

There are some commented back saying, “Oh… I hope Maine gets it! Nothing against to Ms. Jen, she’s very good actress.”

Many are in favor to Jennelyn Mercado as Alden Richard’s leading lady. Maybe those who give their favor thinks that the actress can give help to the actor in terms of acting also when it comes to comedy-drama in order to enhance his acting skills.

Concerning for Maine, we all know that she was known for her Dubsmash because it was her forte and she’s good to it, but Maine Mendoza needs to elevate her skills although she hasn’t shown her acting skills yet. The AlDub fans also agreed that Main Mendoza and Alden Richards are suited in their Kalyeserye show. The AlDub also said that they were having a movie and a show to make.

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