Funniest Relationship Goals That Fail To Achieved In Reality


Every couple has their own plans and expectations for the betterment of their relationship but it seems that it does not always work the way you expect in reality. Not all plans will work the way you would like. There will always be likes and dislikes between the two of you.

Happy endings are just in fairytales. Well, for some who is hoping until now, they believe that their story would end up in a very good ending but for others are not. We have here the best lists of videos containing a different situations of Relationship Goals Vs Reality.

You laugh right? While watching the relationship goals that failed to achieve in reality. Maybe these were just a set of short acts demonstrated by the characters but in truth, you can relate to the situation. You don’t only get the laugh by their funny actions but you also get lessons from these clips.

So what can you say about this topic? Have you enjoyed watching these videos? Share us your thoughts by simply leaving on the comment section below. For more updates, feel free to visit our site often. Thanks for dropping by and reading this blog post.

VIDEO CREDITS: Thalita Makes, Josh Leyva, Meghan Rienks, JianHao Tan


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