Viral: Woman Unexpectedly Proposed Wedding To Boyfriend


Marriage proposal is mostly (and supposedly) should be done by men but when a woman unexpectedly proposed wedding to boyfriend, that sounds ‘kinda’ weird (in my opinion). We have watched and witnessed various wedding proposals and most of these are led by men in love but recently, a video of a woman proposing marriage to her boyfriend went viral on social media.

Khrys Janzen Garcia, the soon-to-be groom was surprised when Mary Joy Ramirez, his girlfriend unexpectedly proposed marriage to him on his birthday, December 9, 2018. According to the interview they made on ABS-CBN, Mary Joy dislikes surprises and so she made the first step on asking Khrys to marry her.

Both of them were members of the Mindanao United Motorcycle Mix Club and the said proposal happened during Khrys charity ride on Arakan, North Cotabato. They are together for only two months but Mary Joy believes that relationships isn’t measured on how long two people are with each other but on the trust and love they both feel.

“Sa mga babae ang masasabi ko lang po kung mahal niyo ang isang lalaki mag-effort din po kayo na di naman kayo sinasabi na lage yong lalake nage-effort …. kasi siya po palage nagsusurprise sa akin kaya binalik ko lang,” Mary Joy advised.

The two plans to tie the knot on January next year. The said proposal has already 2.5 million views 60,000 shares on Facebook.

Do you think Mary Joy did the right thing? Is chivalry dead? :O


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