He’s Planning To Prank Her Girlfriend On Their Anniversary, But It Seems Like He’s The One Who Got Fooled


It was their 5-year anniversary celebration with her girlfriend and he’s planning to make a surprise for his girl but in such unexpected way. Usually, when a man prepares a surprise for his love, he wants that person to make her feel special, but this story goes with a twist.

Instead of a surprise, he will gonna ruin the event by confessing to her girlfriend that he had cheated on her. Then the plan went perfectly as what he had expected. His girlfriend started to react and cry with his confessions but WAIT! There’s something went wrong in his plan which he did not expect to hear from his girlfriend.

See for yourself what happened right after his girlfriend told her something he couldn’t believe that she can do it. Click the video below.

This video was uploaded by RomanAtwood to share his surprising plan that went wrong. Hope you enjoy watching this short clip.

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