Similarity Attraction Effects


Do you also consider similarity attraction effects?

If we have this opposites do attract notion, we also have the Similarity Attraction Effects theory.

Isn’t it so comfortable to be with someone who wants the same kind of places you want to go to? Same foods your taste buds require? Same band you love to watch under the moonlight?

Isn’t it ideal to spend years together without having to argue over how to spend the weekend, what genre of movie to watch, what food to eat or what music to dance with?

Differences may add spice but similarities may add sweetness. According to Locke and Horowitz (1990), a person typically enjoys receiving confirmation of every aspect of his or her life, ideas, attitudes and personal characteristics and it seems that people are looking for an image of themselves to spend their lives with.

One of the basic principles of interpersonal attraction is the rule of similarity: similarity is attractive. It is this underlying principle that applies to both friendships and romantic relationships.

There is a high correlation between the proportion of attitudes shared, and the degree of interpersonal attraction. Cheerful people like to be around other cheerful people and negative people would rather be around other negative people.

An article entitled The Truth on Whether Opposites Attract in Live Science stated that like-minded people validate each other’s beliefs and views and there tend to be fewer conflicts as a result.


Furthermore, a new study found out that when it comes to personality, people seek partners with the same qualities as they have — but claim to want someone who is different.

When you’re with someone who’s like you, there would be no arguments over likes and dislikes as you both know what each other wants. It’s easier to figure out how to communicate to that person more than what words can ever say.

Both will know what to do to make things work out and what not to do to keep things together. It is like loving and caring for another person just the way you wanted to be loved and cared for. In this, there is still balance.

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