These Steps Will Help You Determine If Someone Really Likes You


When you like someone, it’s normal to feel that you want also to be like back. It was your desire that triggers you to be loved also. Who would ever don’t want to have that? Your physical attributes and your attitude will also be the leading guide why someone likes you.
There are several steps you need to consider to know if that someone also likes you the way you show your likeness to them.

STEP 1: Know Them First

In this step, it is important to know the attitude of a person whether they are friendly or not. Talking to them will make your relationship more intimate and you will also know more about her life.

STEP 2: Know Why You Like That Person

2Probably there are many attractive faces, famous and better girls than her but you should also know what makes you like her that made her feel special and unique. Know what really catches your attention why you chose her over many girls out there.

STEP 3: How Many Times Have You Thought About That Person

3If you catch yourself always thinking about him/her including happy thoughts then this is the sign that your heartbeat are getting a little faster than its normal pace and you definitely like that person.

STEP 4: How Many Times Have You Laugh At Their Jokes

4One sign that proves when you like someone is when you find yourself laughing at their jokes even if it’s not funny. In this way, you made them feel appreciated.

STEP 5: How Many Time Have You Tell Someone About Him/Her?

5If you find yourself talking about him/her often and you can’t stop yourself from doing it then this sign only shows that you really like that person very much and he/she is important to you.

STEP 6: How Many Times Have You Tried Getting Near To Him/Her?

6If you are doing things such as planning to walk in a fast pace just to catch a glimpse with him/her many times then this could be a sign that you like them.

STEP 7: Have You Ever Experience Butterflies in Your Stomach When You See Them?


If yes, then getting the nice feeling in the stomach shows that these people are making you feel good even without any conversation that happens. Why don’t you ask them for a date?

STEP 8: Unexpected Sparks When You Touch Them

7If you feel the voltage running down through your body every time a person touches you by means or by accident, then probably you like them.

STEP 9: Can’t Stop Yourself Thinking About Them

8If you already give an attempt many times by forgetting that person but still you are thinking about him/her, you probably still like him/her.

STEP 10: Ask Him/Her For A Date

9Asking someone you like for a date is one way to keep yourself closer to them. If you feel like you are ready enough for a relationship, positive for any response and confident enough, then asking them out is the best way you can do. Although they are unsure of their feelings, but be patient and wait for their response. Always understand their point of view.

Hoping that these steps are helpful enough to know somebody if they really like you or not. So what can you say about this one? Share us your thoughts by simply leaving in the comment section below. For more updates, feel free to visit the our site often. Thanks for dropping by and reading this blog post.


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