Moving On | Tips on How to Survive Without Your Ex-Partner


Breaking up is easy. But forgetting the person you broke up with is hard.

Moving on can be as hard as it seems, but it’s the only choice you have. It takes time to start a new life even without your ex-partner.

moving on
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Want to move on but you don’t know how? Try these healthy ways in order for you to start moving on without your ex.

Accept whatever you feel

You must practice your kindness, empathy, and compassion with yourself. If breaking up with your partner has good or bad effects to you, accept it no matter what. It happens just because it happens.

Don’t isolate yourself

Don’t be a loner. You can start with our new journey by getting in touch with your family or friends.

Make a new To-do list

Delete your previous to-do list and make a new one. This time, you need to get rid of suitors until you’ll know to yourself that you have moved on already.

Get rid of the relationship reminders

If you don’t want to see what your ex gave you, you can either give it to your friend, make a box to put into, or even just let it burn all the way.

Breakaway completely from each other right after the breakup.

If you want to move on right away, just don’t get attached to him or her again. This means you may not be seeing each other, not being around his or her family members, no phone calls, no e-mails, and not even on social media.

Stay away from the places you used to go to.

You need to discover new places to travel without thinking of someone. And also, remove your “theme song” on your own playlist.

Keep reminding yourself that your happiness isn’t dependent on your ex

Always keep it in your mind that you can still live even if you’re ex doesn’t exist. You need to live freely and independently.

Focus on being in the present

Don’t stay on your shadows of the past. Just do on what is currently happening in your life and just focus on it.

Avoid having the “Grass Is Greener Syndrome

According to an article, once you have an absolute conviction with your partner and you tend to have exploration on how can you start to move on, you may realize the reality and you start to feel regret, and that became a cycle if you have this kind of syndrome. Avoid having that, otherwise, you can’t have your best partner you can have.

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