Dating Fantasies that Distracts You From Finding A Real Relationship


Have you already hearing those dating fantasies? Does this become your barrier to find a real relationship?

Dating Fantasies happen as it throws you off your path. This makes it more difficult to achieve your goal of finding great love.

Dating Fantasies
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Andi Forness coined this word “fantasies” just because “they’re fueled by sky-high, unrealistic, wishful thinking“, yet those are costing time and heartache as well as it distracts you for finding for a real one.

Here are some dating fantasies you may think that become your barrier to find a real relationship.

The “I miss you” text.

It’s not good that you started to move on with your past relationship and then your ex messaged you that he or she misses you in all of a sudden. That ex becomes your barrier on finding a new lover.

“Let’s grab drinks.”

It’s confusing when someone invites you to happy hour, then you aren’t sure whether it is a date, and you aren’t even sure whether that person is even single or not. You may start wondering into the fantasy of “what if?” with that person.

“Hey, remember me?”

When someone ghosted you, and yet all of a sudden, that person appears and asked you “Do you still remember me?” like nothing happened. That person who ghosted you becomes your barrier in finding a new one.

According to Andi Forness, “do not trade what is really happening for the fantasy of what might happen.

If you have spotted some sort of distractions, fight it head-on.

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