Never Miss Watching This Funny Love Story Of A Man Who Decided To Be A Matchmaker To The Girl He Likes


Sometimes its is hard to say something to the person you loved. This kind of story composes of a funny yet romantic event about the man who deeply fall in love with her office mate but failed to tell her about his feelings

Until such time when their newly meet marketing manager of the company named Mr. Kane showed an interest to the girl who’s name is Nicha.

He’s a kind of man who has no guts on telling his feelings towards the girl she loved. He even refused to say the truth when Mr. Kane asked him about if he also has an interest in her. Mr. Kane decided to make him as his “Father of Communication” (matchmaker) in order to get the heart of Nice.

The planned went smooth as what Mr. Kane had put into. He followed whatever Mr. Kane had told him so. Giving Nicha stuffs that could make a girl fall.

Without having any knowledge behind the acts of this man. Nicha also thought that he was courting her. As time goes by, the girl already fall from this man.

He sometimes attempts on telling his unspoken words. Still he was failed to do so. The day comes when Mr. Kane went into a new plan in order to win the heart of Nicha. But then, the matchmaker had broke her heart expecting that he was the one who is doing behind those acts. Until he got a strength on telling his real feelings towards her.

See video below:

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