Got A Crush With Your Schoolmate? Here Are The Tips That Will Help You How To Make A Man Notice You


Don’t deny it! I know that you also experience about this crush thing. At the teen stage, it is normal for a young people to feel this. Well, after all, we also undergo at this kind of process.

Most girls wanted to be noticed also by their inspiration. Who wouldn’t like that? Some girls are doing their best just to catch the attention of their man yet they failed to do it. There are several things you need to do in order for him to notice you. Want to know how? See the steps below.

1st Step: Make Yourself Happy And As Well Your Appearance

1Sad face wrote on your face. You also lack the confidence in yourself. This kind of feelings will definitely show up on you. Instead being like this, why don’t make changes. Always smile and be around with your friends outside while trying to get the attention f the guy. Don’t snob him completely and don;t be obsessive either way.

2nd Step: Do The Walking Practice At Home

2Do it in a simplest and plain way. Try walking with your shoulders loosely relaxed while swinging your hips not too exaggerated but just a little or else the boy will notice that you are trying to hard to catch his attention.

3rd Step: Try To Give Him Some Compliments If Ever You Have The Same Class With Him

3Compliments are good to the ears. Try to compliment him with his good abilities and maybe you can also get compliments back. Most boys only give an opportunity to say compliments to the girl they like or who are they into.

4th Step: Try Picking It Up When Something Fell From Him

4Doing such things as these will make him feel comfortable and it will make him think that you enjoy and willing do the things for him usually it will start a conversation. And also don’t act as a guy in the relationship. If y=he can;t do things such as picking a book for you or whatever things you dropped in the hallway, then don;t try especially if he’s not sure of himself.

5th Step: Don’t Show Your Shyness When He’s Around

5You can laugh at his jokes although they are corny but don’t do it too much or else he will think that you are trying too hard to catch his attention.

6th Step: You Ca Play Hard-To-Get If You Sense That He Already Showing An Interest To You Or You Are Sure He Likes You

6Boys get jealous so easily. Try talking to other boys and act independent and confident. They go crazy with someone they like especially when they saw you flirting with other boys.

7th Step: Make Yourself Look Intimate But Conservative

7If a boy truly likes you, he wouldn’t find someone who is sexy. You can also stand out yourself but not in a way that you are trying too hard to catch his attention.

Lastly The 8th Step. If He Doesn’t Truly Like You Then His Not Suited For You
Don’t look down at yourself thinking that no one likes you. Remember, there is someone out there that is better than him. Just stay as you are .

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