What Will You Do When Someone Is Trying To Tell You That They Are Dating Your Partner? See From Here


In this video from fouseyTUBE, how are you going to react after you heard from someone you never knew telling that he was dating your girlfriend? He is trying to track people who have a girlfriend in this area using an Instagram account. He will victimize them by making them believe that he was a man who their girlfriend was dating.

Here is another funny video of blind date pranks from the channel of Jack Vale Films were you will surely laugh yourself how these guys are going to make girls turned them off. Common bad behaviours that are not supposedly shown during the date will be will be seen on this short clip. But these two women who have been on the set up don’t know that the first guy they are dating is the guy who got a big transformation.

Well, probably most pranks cause havoc sometimes and you can’t avoid it. People will react to it. This video from Whatever is a little bit different from the others. The girl number one is trying to prank this girl number two telling her that she was sleeping with her boyfriend. It seems that the girl was just in her calm sense but keeps on asking questions relating to what the girl number one is trying to tell to her. See video below.

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