A Guy With An Alzheimer Fell In Love To A Girl Who Just Passed By In His House


Can you imagine yourself loving someone while you are suffering from the disease known as Alzheimer’s disease? This condition is a very painful illness which usually affects the brain of one person. A person will either suffer from three different general stage of Alzheimer’s disease which are mild, moderate, and severe stage. This kind of illness will become worse from time to time while on its slow progression.

This kind of illness is typically prone to elders but this can also happen to everyone even at the early age.

This is related to the story of a man who just fell in love with a girl who supposedly married from that day to her lover but ran away from their wedding day and hide herself in the house of a watchmaker. The man is telling her that she can’t stay in his house but the girl keeps on convincing him begging to help him get away from her situation. At first, the watchmaker was not convinced but then change his mind right after.

While on that very day, the watchmaker is making a post note on his wall writing a short letter and pinning some pictures as a sign of a remembrance that on that day, he will still remember those short moments they had together within 2-3 days.

He knew to himself that he can’t keep her long because of what he was suffering until such time he decided to give her back to her lover to where her life belongs to.

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