Obvious Signs That Most Man Showed Off When They Were Interested With You


You might like that guy and you are having a good time together but how can you be sure that he also like you like the way you give your interest with him. Many women are struggling to know what really goes or what was the men really thinks towards you.

There are signals from youqueen will help you determine if a guy is into you every time when you were together. You should keep an eye for this signals because it will be the only way to know if the guy is showing any interest of you also more than just a friendship.

1st signal: When He Says It, He Really Means It
When a guy is telling something that he likes you, then he really means it and probably he’s not lying about it.

2nd signal: He Found An Interest With You Similar With Him
If a guy keeps on asking you something, then he’s getting a piece of information to use as a hook to make the conversation any longer. If two have more similarities and likeness, then this is the good sign as a starting point for him to like you as well.

3rd signal: He leans At You When You Have A Conversation
When a guy leans you even if he can hear clearly, this si the good sign that he shows any interest with you. A guy who dislikes a girl usually won’t break his neck just to have a conversation with you. You should also observe how he puts up all his effort when he was having a conversation with you.

4th Signal: He Offers You A Drink
If a man buys you a drink, then he is showing that he likes you. From the other country, when a man offers you a drink, they are just showing that they are being friendly but of the guy is a bit stingy, then this is one of the pieces of evidence that he likes you.

5th signal: He Asks Your Number
Another obvious sign when a guy likes you is when he asks your number. It is also the way that a man wants to keep in touch with you through a conversation.

6th signal: They Send Friend Requests
If a guy sends you a friend request it is also the sign that he is showing an interest to you. Liking pictures, poke you, and message you are the obvious signs. Guys don’t send friend requests if he doesn’t like you. Other accounts like Instagram, twitter or Google plus, when he sends also friend request to some of this account (if you have these) then he’s into you.

7th signal: He Definitely Looks Away
If you catch him looking at you and take his eyes away suddenly, then his actions only reveal that he shows any interest in you. This is one of the good signs you should consider.

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