How To Know If The Guy You Like Has Already A Girlfriend


Other girls might find the difficulty of asking questions to the guy they like especially when you are the type of person who is not very open when it comes to your feelings. Asking personal questions such as if he already had a girlfriend is not easy to do so. Especially when you are trying hard to know it, otherwise he will conclude that you are curious because Of your feelings towards him.


Questioning him relating to his love life are most probably awkward especially when you have feelings for him. There are few tips from the visihow that will help you how to get to know if he has a girlfriend or not. Here are the suggestions you need to consider.

Asking Him Personally
If you are a type of girl who has guts to ask directly to him even if it cost you, asking him personally would be also a better option to do so. There are girls who prefer to know fastest and direct answers from the guy.

This is also a good strategy to do if you wanted to know about his love life because you don’t need to think the better strategy just to find out if he already has a girlfriend. In this way, it will be easy for you to get a piece of information with him with less effort. And this will allow you to get straight answers from him only if you have the strong spirit to ask him so.

Secretly Asking Him Without His Notice
Shy type girls are most likely difficult for them to ask directly. You can still have a chance to know it but in a different way. You might find yourself hard to be open up to him but you can ask him a question in simpler and plain way in such thing that he cannot notice that you are already asking him personal questions. You can make it through a joke by adding it to the conversation in order to have a little bit humor.

Doing some tricks or adding jokes during the conversations with him also is the better option for you to know if he already has the one. Because through this process within the conversation, he may fall for your trick and you may be able to know it that you are just trying to hook him.

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