Veteran ‘Extra’ ‘Horror Queen’ Lilia Cuntapay Needs Help for Her Medication


Veteran ‘Extra’ ‘Horror Queen’ Lilia Cuntapay Needs Help for Her Medication

The veteran extra and ‘Horror Queen’ of Filipino Films Lilia Cuntapay are asking for help for her medication. On Friday (August 05, 2016) Lilia said in an interview that she is asking for financial help to her former co-workers and also to the public for her medication.


Lilia Cuntapay is a Filipina actress that is popular for her scary character in Shake, Rattle, and Roll and many Filipino horror films. She is entitled as the “Queen of Philippine Horror Movies.”

'Horror Queen'

Last month Lilia said that she can’t even walk because of her medical condition in spinal cord. Because of her condition right now she can’t go back to her job anymore.

She is now in the custody of her only child in Pinili, Ilocos Norte. Lilia was hoping that her announcement in media and public can help her to provide her medication for her current medical condition right now.

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