China Uncovers 2020 Mars Mission Probe, Rover


China Uncovers 2020 Mars Mission Probe And Rover, First Time

China Uncovers 2020 Mars Mission – China uncovers its very first Mars Probe and Rover, together with the other details of the scientific instruments that will be accompanying it.

In a report by CCTVNews, the said Mars Mission will launch on a Long March 5 rocket from Wenchang spaceport in South China in the Hainan Island, mid-2020.

The rover is said to be weighing around 200 kilograms, and will be designed to operate for three Martian months.


It added that after about seven months, and 400m kilometers or 250m miles, the said mission will attempt to enter the orbit of Mars before landing to specific locations for explorations.


Meanwhile, China has launched a global search for the name and logo of the said mission, as said by the mission’s deputy director, Liu Jizhong.

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