Filipinos Among ‘Most Ignorant Of Key Issues’, Pinoys React To Survey


Filipinos are among the ‘most ignorant of key issues’, according to a survey and netizens expressed different reactions to this.

The Ipsos Perils of Perception study which was released in December of 2017 showed that the citizens in the Philippines are among “most ignorant of key issue”.

More than 500 respondents aged 16 to 64 were interviewed in the Philippines and they were asked about the important issues in the society today such as murder, teenage pregnancy rates, terrorism, and vaccination.

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The Philippines was ranked as the third country among the least accurate. South Africa was in the top spot, followed by Brazil. The result was among 38 countries around the globe.

On the other hand, Filipino respondents were the most confident of their answers, based on the article published in GMA News Online.

On the Facebook Page of the Kapuso network which published the said article, netizens expressed their various reactions.

Here are some of the reactions of the netizens which was compiled by

There are netizens who agreed in the said survey. One netizen pointed out that Filipinos are ignorant of the key issues and it is obvious in the trending topics on Twitter while there is one who said that because people are more giving more importance to ‘chismis’ and another said it is due to fake news.

One netizen shared that during her time there were still current events issues which being discussed complete with pamphlets.

On the other hand, there was one netizen who disagreed with the result of the survey because for him the Philippines should be the most ignorant among the countries which participated, based on the article.

(screenshot from
(screenshot from

However, there is one netizen who stated that the said issues are just for statisticians and pencil pushers.

While there are those that the result was just a show that most Filipinos does not pay much concern to the issues raised in the survey.

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