Jaya Couldn’t Breathe During ‘Tawag Ng Tanghalan’ Valentine’s Day Episode Due To This Reason


Jaya felt stressed and admitted she can’t breathe during the Valentine’s Day episode of ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ due to this reason.

Soul Diva Jaya’s Valentine’s Day did not turn out very well as she was the ‘Punong Hurado’ during the February 14 episode of ‘Tawag Ng Tanghalan’ of ‘It’s Showtime’.

The supposed to be happy and romantic ambiance did not penetrate in the noon time show’s studio as the three contenders of the singing contest started to showcase their renditions.

As it is known to the followers of the show that if the contestant cannot meet the standard of the judges due to the notes are not properly hit, their performance will be stopped through the ‘gong’.

Unfortunately, they were no contenders fit during that day to battle against the defending champion.


After the last contender from Luzon, Jaya explained why the uncommon incident happened.

Based on the article published in ABS CBN Entertainment, the Soul Diva admitted that she can’t breathe after she and the rest of the judges Billy Crawford, K Brosas, Kyla and Jolina Magdangal decided to stop the performance of the last contender.

When it was time for the head judge to explain, she said jokingly, “Puwede na po umuwi? Hindi ko sinasadya na ang ating Valentine ngayon ay maging malungkot.”

She tried to explain why the judges decided to stop the performances of the three contenders, however, she cannot continue because it was already evident on her face the stress she felt on what happened.

“Ang puso ko, teka, hindi ako makahinga, Vice, wait. My blood pressure! I’m really cold right now,” Jaya said looking so uneased.

Upon seeing the situation of the singer, Vice Ganda told their staff to give her water so that somehow it will help her calm down.

Jaya said that if she only has a choice she will not ‘gong’ the contestants, it just so happened that the three of them were there on the same day.

She also apologized to the contestants and advise them to keep on singing.

“There are good days and there are bad days, and today happens to be a bad day,” Jaya said based on the article.


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