Watch: World’s Best Top Trick Shots


WATCH: The World’s Most Amazing Top Trick Shots

Have you ever tried playing tops(trompo) during your childhood? Your childhood was epic if you have tried it, it is said that every Filipino kid in old generation have tried playing this. If you are one of them, here are the Amazing Top Trick Shots you need to see. You’ll surely get impressed how these guys spin their tops, I’m sure you’ve never seen these kind of tricks before.

Trompo(tops) is popular in Latin America and later it was emerged in different kind of names and countries. Some Filipinos considered tops as one of the most traditional Filipino toys, and there are also some countries who play this. Do you know how to spin a top? If you are, here’s a video you shouldn’t miss watching.

This video was uploaded by the channel Kuma Films on YouTube where you can find some of the Greatest trick videos using common and modern equipment. In this episode, you’re about to watch how these top masters play top to the next level. Many users are really impressed and amazed how these guys perform their tricks, check this out!

Wow, how cool is that? These guys are really pro in playing tops. What do you think? I’m pretty sure they took years to perfect those tricks. I wish I’ve learned these tricks when I was younger! How about you? Do you know how to do some Top Tricks? Why don’t you post a video of yourself doing some tricks?

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