Oh, No! Miss Universe Catriona Gray Broke Her Mikimoto Crown


Yes, you heard it right! Miss Universe Catriona Gray broke her Mikimoto crown during her homecoming parade in the Philippines.

Catriona Gray earned her title Miss Universe 2018 which made her gain her the Miss Universe’s legendary crown, the Mikimoto which was made with yellow and white gold and has a seven-feather design inspired by the Fenghuang phoenix. Roughly, Mikimoto’s estimated value is $250,000 (roughly P13.2 million).

After bringing back the title and the crown, Catriona Gray made her countrymen proud when she paraded on her homecoming in Manila.

And on her homecoming parade, when she was having so much fun, she accidentally broke the Mikimoto crown. Oops! Ever wonder how? Here’s her confession:

“So one of the things I love about the parade is that they have this moving band and they have the drums that makes me want to dance, so I end up dancing although I am not a very good dancer,” Catriona said.  

“But I have a confession. The Mikimoto has seen better days as a result of my dancing. I’m so sorry,” she said while holding the broken piece of the crown.

How unfortunate but still, a queen does not necessarily need a crown. 🙂 Apparently, the Miss Universe Organization commented on her video saying: “Don’t worry! It’ll be fixed in no time.”


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