LANDBANK CREDIT CARDS – List of Credit Cards Offered by Landbank


Guide on the Landbank Credit Cards You May Apply For

LANDBANK CREDIT CARDS – Here is a list of the credit card offers of the Land Bank of the Philippines.

In the Philippines, the major government bank is the Land Bank of the Philippines. More commonly known as Landbank, it has a lot of offers to the public.

There are deposit and savings accounts offered by the government bank and as well as Landbank loan offers. Aside from it, there are also credit card offers.

When it comes to the Landbank credit cards, there are two(2) main types that the government bank offers.

Landbank Credit Cards

Based on the official website of the Land Bank of the Philippines, the two(2) types of credit card offers are the classic international and the Landbank Credit Cards.

The classic international and gold international have similarities and as well as differences. In terms of privileges, undeniably, the gold international may cover a wider range of perks.

Both cards offer a low interest rate at 3% per month and have wide acceptability in the accredited merchants. They also bear cash advance feature of up to 30% credit limit.

According to the bank, both credit card offers come along with a personal accident insurance for the cardholder. Up to P2,000,000.00 insurance is part of the term.

With regards to the fees and charges implemented by Landbank under these cards, you may visit – Landbank Credit Card Fees.

If you are interest to apply for any of the above-mentioned credit card offers, visit the following link for a guide on how to apply and the requirements needed in applying – Credit Card Landbank.

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